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Everything that has a beginning, definitely has an ending, we see this in every aspect of our lives - school, jobs, relationships, etc.

The just concluded SCA UNN Technical writing Bootcamp that I was a part of isn't an exception to that quote.

I'm really grateful I got to be a part of it, and connect with wonderful people, now, I get to share my experiences from the Bootcamp and everything I learnt.

I got the information about the Bootcamp from a WhatsApp group I'm part of - they usually share opportunities in the Tech field there and the Bootcamp was one of them.

I signed up and I actually forgot about it after signing up, then I got the mail, and I was like “okay, let's do this".

I'm already a content writer/blogger, so I was pretty excited to get into this field - upskilling and all.

I was added to the WhatsApp group and we introduced ourselves, the introductions were so warm and wholesome because everyone was so nice to each other.

We had an onboarding meeting on the 16th of May, actually, there were two meetings, there was a general onboarding meeting and the Technical writing track onboarding meeting.

We got to get more information about the Bootcamp and everything. The next day, a 3 day workshop with Cynthia Peter began, we learnt various things:

  • How to get started in Technical Writing.
  • How to set up a Medium/Hashnode account.
  • How to look for Technical writing opportunities.
  • Design tools we could use for our blog such as Canva.
  • Getting free pictures from Unsplash, and so on.

I wasn't able to attend all the meetings because I was usually occupied during the time of the meeting or I didn't have data, but I made sure I tried out the tasks that were given.

We were given three tasks during the Bootcamp, We were asked to write an article about the importance of community in building a career in Tech, The Metaverse, and Search Engine Optimization.

I enjoyed doing the tasks because it gave me an opportunity to learn more, especially when I was writing the article on The Metaverse.

Apart from the tasks, I enjoyed the discussions in the group and if I'm being honest, it was the energy of the other group members that pushed me to always do the tasks.

I remember when someone wrote an article and she got recognized by Hashnode for it and someone else got a job as a result of the article she wrote.

I kept telling myself I wanted to be so good at this technical writing thing, too, and if they did it, I can also do it. So, I put a lot of effort into my tasks.

I'm super grateful to SCA UNN for this opportunity and as a result of this Bootcamp, I've started my Journey as a Technical writer, another skill in my skillset.

There are opportunities everywhere, do not be scared to try out new things, the world is waiting for you.

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